Standard Practice-

  1. We treat your home better than if it were our own.  Shoes off? Delicate floors? Super-Friendly pets? Chaotic kids' rooms? No problem. Seriously, don't sweat it.
  2. Only Earth Friendly Biodegradable solutions are used.
  3. Sills are wiped dry. (this is common sense, not a charged service)

Common Requests- (specify these things before or during your estimate)

  1. Track cleaning available.
  2. Skylights, chandeliers, mirrors, fixtures, light bulb changes, and solar panels.  Its all good.
  3. Tape, plaster, paint, bird imprints, sap, calcium deposits and other random things can be removed.

Skylight Cleaning Available

Roof Solar Panel Cleaning

Chandelier Cleaning and Bulbs

Mirror and Glass Door Cleaning

Exterior Light Fixture Cleaning


Solar Panel Cleaning and Window Cleaning - Why Important?


The main reason for cleaning your solar panels are:

You want the most sunlight to reach the solar cells in your solar panels.

The more dirt on your panels, the lower amount of electricity they will produce.

Also, here in the NW, lots of pollen and algae can rest on your solar panels.


The main reasons for cleaning your windows are:

1) better view, 2) heat efficiency, 3) curb appeal


Puzzled about what’s causing the spots on your glass?

One of the most important reason for window cleaning is to avoid window degradation. Your windows will, over time, become permeated with a variety of contaminants. For example, hard mineral or hard water is the biggest threat to most home and business owners.

Many people feel that just cleaning the exterior windows is needed.

However, in many areas of the home, the interior windows are more dirty inside than outside, especially in the kitchen area due to a kitchen sink, bugs or plants on the window sill.

To have a clean and fresh start have both the inside and outside windows cleaned.