Pressure Washing -Our Approach

  • Concrete, Cobblestone, Brick, Stone, Asphalt etc.

  • Adjustable PSI for surface protection

  • Wood Decks and Fencing (alternative method also available)

  • If and when we use them, all cleaners are biodegradable and, if possible, organic.

We only pressure wash a surface IF pressure washing is the best choice (or your direct request).  Concrete, Asphalt, Brick, and other Hardscape are often best pressure washed and can withstand proper pressure without damage.

Preparation -

  • Personal property, landscape and drainage are all carefully looked over before we even set up our machines. Delicate or easily soiled items are covered or moved out of the work area.  Loose landscape is protected from pressure. 

When we leave the job site-

  • We do our best to put everything back as it was found.
  • Though some evidence of the cleaning is unavoidable, we are very conscientious with regard to plants, siding, windows and anything else we get dirty. All gets a gentle rinse down.

However, many surfaces can be more gently cleaned with other methods (See Pictures Below), at the same price.  Siding, decks, gutter face and fencing are examples of opportunities for gentler methods

Results Possible WITHOUT Pressure Washing -

Vinyl Siding - Algae Removal

High Quality Hardwood Deck - Algae Removal

Fence - Algae Removal

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