Gentle Roof Moss Removal and Cleaning

Organic Moss Treatment

  • Gentle Roof Moss Removal - No harsh tools - NEVER pressure washed.

  • This method yields 80-90% roof moss removal on the day of service. Followed by treatment.

  • Organic, Green Friendly, Roof Moss Treatment Available. Effective, yet still Pet, Plant and People Safe

  • Gutter Cleaning and Grounds Clean-Up Included

  • "For Sale" Ready - High Detail Roof Cleaning Available

See video above for before/after results achieved on the day of service.

Staying Ahead of the Game -

Pressure Washing

  • Concrete, Cobblestone, Brick, Stone, Asphalt etc.

  • Adjustable PSI for surface protection

  • Wood Decks and Fencing (alternative method also available)

  • If and when we use them, all cleaners are biodegradable and, if possible, organic.


Siding Cleaning

Gentle Siding Cleaning

  • Not Pressure Washed

  • Vinyl, Metal, Natural, Synthetic

  • Organic / Green Cleaning Products

The Adams Approach

Roof Moss Removal Portland
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[email protected] 503-680-4504

Gutter Cleaning / Guards

  • Full Above-Ground Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutter Screen Cleaning or Replacement Option

  • Individual Downspout Protectors Available

  • Debris Haul-Away Option

  • No Mess Left Behind. Guaranteed.


Window Cleaning

  • Chandeliers, Skylights, Outdoor Fixtures, Solar Panels etc.

  • Dry Sills and Clean Edges Always Included

  • Biodegradable, Long-Lasting Cleansers

  • Multi-Story Residential and Commercial

  • Conscientious Indoors and Safe Outdoors


Deck / Fence Cleaning

Gentle Deck and Fence Cleaning

  • Not Pressure Washed

  • Natural or Synthetic Building Materials

  • Restore traction to Slick Decks

  • Remove Algae and Discoloration

  • Organic / Green Cleaning Products