Moss Removal

Moss and Debris Removal • Asphalt Shingle

Roof Warranty Approved Methods

No Metal Brushes or Pressure Washers

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Organic Treatment

OMRI and EPA Approved Product

Fully Licensed with OR Dept of Agriculture

LIC# AG-L1015804CPA AG-L1015805CPO

Siding Cleaning

Algae and Buildup Removal for

Metal • Vinyl • Natural • Synthetic

Gentle - Non-Pressurized Options

Decks and Fences

Algae and Buildup Removal for

Natural • Synthetic

Gentle - Non-Pressurized Options

Gutters / Gutter Face

Cleaning • Covers • Downspout Filters

Drainage Tips

Windows, Skylights and Fixtures

Interior • Exterior • Screens • Storms

Pressure Washing

Concrete • Brick • Hardscape

Available for other surfaces only if Appropriate.

Owner Operated

Estimate to Work to Invoice

We Honor Pesticide Free Zones • Backyard Habitats • Right to Transparency

We Honor Pesticide Free Zones • Backyard Habitats • Right to Transparency

Do It Yourself Training

Methods - Schedule - Products - Tools

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Learn the methods that work best, the schedule your home needs and the products and tools for easier, safer and less expensive maintenance.

Watch how we do it, take notes and you'll never have to call us again ...and we're good with that.

  • What items are needed to clean siding? - First, purchase a car brush and an extension pole (painter's pole that has an end that allows a car brush to be placed on it. Next, a siding cleaner that can attach to the end of a garden hose. Then, allow the cleaner to set on the siding for 10-15 mins. Then gently brush the area. Siding cleaning doesn't require a pressure washer and may not even require a ladder.

  • What are some ways to clean decks and fences? There are several method options. The same type of method can be used as described in the siding cleaning section. From just removing that slippery top layer of deck crud to fully prepping quality woods for annual coating. All can be done gently, without pressure washing or wood damage.

  • How to clean gutters safely? Gutter cleaning requires good planning to be done safely. Your employer can't allow you to be more than 4-6 feet off the ground without protecting you against a fall... Home is no exception to risk. Learn how to deal with uneven or slick ground, wind, managing debris, protecting your basement, preventing underground clogs and much more.

  • What are some helpful tips on window cleaning? Window cleaning can be tedious but a few tweaks to your current method can eliminate streaks, save your back, reduce risk and might even have you staring up through a clean skylight with only yourself to thank.

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